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Gamer Rage

Out of the 3 ideas I came up with I decided to go with what I was brought up with and that was games!

From a young age when I got my Sega I have always loved playing games and it got to the point where I would get really hyperactivly crazy and stay up till god knows what time. There has been a number of times that I was ban from playing my sega because of this and my story tells of the night where I never got to play my Sega again.

When it got towards my bed time my mum would take me to bed and hide the Sega..... Yes it was this bad!

She tucked me in and said goodnight. But I wasnt sleepy at all and my addiction to my Sega got worse So I crepped out my bed and told myself this was a mission and had to be insanely quiet. it was remarkable looking back how i found that Seag but I did and set it up and played.

So many times i got angry/ excited but kept quiet, looking back i was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. and just as I failed the last boss I screamed and woke my parents along with the neigbours who came over and thought I was being Abused... yep that much gaming rage. They were fuming and gave my sega to charity.


Okay so I have decided to mix my idea one with another story thats happened and made it simpler!
I want to carry on playing me Sega but then I get sent to be and mum and dad go to bed. I sneak out and go down stairs to play I rage and get caught by my mum and dad and just as I thought I was getting my Sega taken away my dad helps me instead of taking it away and we finish the game together :)



Idea 2:

Idea two is a time when my baby sister was born and how scared i was of holing babies. but one day a built up the courage when my whole family were there to pick her up and then only to get her sick up her entire lunch all over my face.

Idea 3:

my final idea was when I thought I won  £200,000 on a scratch card which was fake but my friends left that to the last second where I was told by the shop owner that this was fake infront of a que of people laughing at me. I was gutted! 

I hope you guys like the ideas I have shared feel free to change my mind about other stories I like all 3 of them but I feel the first idea relates to me the most and to a lot of other people who have played alot of games within their childhood :)

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