Gamer Glo : My Blogging Routine

I’ve decided that I am going to set aside time in my routine to write after I eat my breakfast but BEFORE I get into the shower. This time maybe differ day to day based upon when I actually get out of bed. I will, however, implement a Time Goal initially. I’ve been aiming for a word-count goal and with my rigid schedule it hasn’t always worked out and leaves me feeling let-down by my progress. With the TIme Goal, I am able to set aside a specific amount of time for writing. I just have to stay focused on my writing. 

I write best when I’m comfortable, so my writing clothes are my favorite sweat pants and a cozy shirt.

Before I begin writing, I will make sure my desk is clear of all clutter and I will put on my noise-cancelling headphones with my favorite productivity playlist on — I cannot focus with distractions, so both of these actions will not only signal the time for writing but also ensure I don’t stray from the task. 

I don’t believe a Writing Retreat is the best option for me due to my full time job, but I do plan on going out on weekly Artist Dates. There are so many places in my city that I’d like to explore and I know they will fill me with inspiration. These will be scheduled on a week-by-week basis to work with my ever changing work schedule.