Game plan!

Step 1: Voice. 

Who I am.

- Humorous: (At least I seem to think so.) And, in the end that’s all that matters. Right?

- Passionate: Either I love something or I could really care less about it. The upside with this is when I love something I go all in.

- Insightful: It’s fairly easy for me to get into someone’s head and understand their situation. As you can imagine this goes well with writing but it also goes well with giving rounded advice and opinions.

- Knowledgeable: There is a lot I do not know but the things I do know I have a passion for sharing either in lengthy blog posts or speeches that at time border on rants.   

- Determined: When I make up my mind to do something I see it through no matter if it lands me in a pit of doom or not.

  • What I have to offer. 

I can do book reviews and focus on character development as well as potential directions the story could have gone in, or why the characters went in the direction they did. I’m a huge fan of the human mind and I love to speculate. Especially when it enters the grey areas of morality.

I can also offer writing advice centered on story craft and technical know-how. My energized voice coupled with the an astonishing ability to get information across in simple defined ways would be really well suited for this.

  • Mash it up. 

My passion and determination often comes across and can work to make anything I say believable. (Don’t worry, I use these powers for good.) Combined with the knowledge base I already have, and the foundation I keep building on, I think I could be a viable resource to beginners looking to take that extra step.

Step 2: Content game plan. 

  • Who: New Adult and lovers of moral ambiguity and new writers.
  • What: Fun and basic advice on writing craft and story structure.
  • Where: My blog on Google
  • When Bi-weekly. Every other Sunday
  • How Via my twitter and Facebook account.


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