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Game of Thrones DropCapLettering

Hi Jessica and Fellow Classmates,

My name is Alyssa (@AlyssaParmenter almost everywhere) and this project is exactly what I need to get into the groove of lettering.

As a designer I want to specialize, and typography is what I'm always drawn back to, but I do not have the patience to create a typeface or perfect calligraphy, hence why I am here.

The book I'll be basing the drop cap on is Game of Thrones from the George R.R. Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire. I've read the entire series and I am excited to revisit the first edition to the series again and view it with a specific plan in mind.

If you have never read the books and only know the title from the HBO series one thing I should mention is every chapter is narrated by a different person in the universe. We go from seeing the world as a wearied war veteran to his daughters POV in a matter of a few chapters, so the variety in this book is something I will need to tackle. At this moment I am leaning towards focusing on Winterfell, specifically Ned Stark's descriptions (unless my re-reading unveils another who I want to embody in letter-form).

I'll be posting in phases, the first being the brainstorming section. I did go slightly ahead and started to research some typefaces that align with my mind's eye of the drop cap, as you can see alongside my notes below.


My goal is to work on this daily – at least a half hour a day. Anyone here a big GOT fan? Shout-out below! :)


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