Game-It-Yourself (GIY)

In recent Game Design Academy classes -- http://gdapdx.org -- we have completed video-game-making projects within a two hour time-frame. With the given time to design we often pre-build the core game and concepts (Mechanics and Dynamics). The students then add to the final results from introduction to completion (Aesthetics).

The challenge of involving students in the core game creation with two hours to create has limited our ability to fully explore student-based concepts.

My goal is to extend the game-making into a full curriculum (roughly 10 weeks). The list below is a collection of various student brainstorming sessions. These are their ideas of games and elements in games captured during random moments of inspiration!

Game Concepts

  • It's a Food, Food World: ice cream cones, ice cream whirlpool, ABC gum and gumball machines, rootbeer mountain, french fries rain, and a cherry on top

  • Emerald Rabbit: (platformer-game) -- ninja-farmer-rabbit, throws carrots

  • Hotman vs Stickman: (fighting-game)
  • Space Monsters: (shooter-game) -- sea creatures in space
  • Unicornia: (universe-game) a Unicorn Universe
  • Uniduck: (game character) lives in Russia, mystical creature controls space and time
  • Chibi Assassins Creed (basic game concept)

Note: I am currently formulating the principles of the curriculum. I may leave the game topic up to the class during the course. The game list above could facilitate that discussion.


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