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Game Corner

I decided to revamp the Game Corner logo type, which is a gaming store in my home town. They mostly dabble in old school games, a very cool place with cool people.


This is the original logo type.


Here is my sketch, I was trying to go for a gaming look.


This is the finished product, I was going to do a vintaged version of this but i'm not too sure how it would look. I might try anyways just for the fun of it. Any advice on improving the logo would be great. Thanks


Here is a subtle change to the A on the crossbar.


I changed the crossbar to be parallel to the downstroke of the A, I really like how it looks now, thank you Tabitha!


Thought I would redo their mark as well and turn it into a D-Pad/First Aid because the store is definitely a breath of fresh air for us gamers. Please let me know what you think of the new d-pad logo. Thanks.


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