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Gambita -- Boutique for Fashion-Forward Petites

My name is Caroline and I am 4'9" and shopping has always been a nightmare for me because I am petite. Shopping for clothes that fits is like a treasure hunt; I have to embark on an epic quest to many stores to try on dozens and dozens of items before finding something that "fits", which usually just means that I have to stop by my tailor to have things altered before I can wear it.

I always assumed that my shopping woes were due to the fact that I was exceptionally short, but after enough conversations with other petite women over the years, I felt that too many petite women were complaining about the same thing and lacked a shopping solution to rid them of these problems. I couldn't understand why there were Big & Tall and Plus-Size retailers, yet there lacked a store that exclusively catered to the petite market, which is the equivalent to HALF the female population in the United States.

So I decided to create Gambita (which literally means "little shrimp" in Spanish) -- an online boutique that sells clothes exclusively for fashion-forward petite women.


Would love to hear what you think!


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