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Gallows Pole - FINAL

I hope this okay with the administration,  I have decided to start a project with a new poem. I do not see an option to start another project altogether.  If anyone is aware of one, please let me know and I will do it. 

In the meantime, I will leave previous notes for the adaptation titled "Gallows Pole", with hopes to avoid confusion with the comments referring to that screenplay. I don't feel I can be truly committed to it, life events can cause a change!

I will now work on an adaptation for the poem "Oaks Tutt" from Spoon River Anthology.

Step 1.

Text Choice

My story will follow the poem about Hod Putt, in the "Spoon River Anthology". I was attracted to this poem from the thought of a man making a wrong decision, based on an emotion that overwhelmed him.

Hod Putt

Here I lay close to the grave / Of Old Bill Piersol, / Who grew rich trading with the Indians, and who  / Afterwards took the bankrupt law / And emerged from it richer than ever. / Myself grown tired of toil and poverty / And beholding how Old Bill and others grew in wealth, / Robbed a traveler one night near Proctor's Grove, / Killing him unwittingly while doing so, / For the which I was tried and hanged. / That was my way of going into bankruptcy. / Now we took the bankrupt law in our respective ways / Sleep peacefully side by side.


The first scene will have a small interaction between Hod and Bill Piersol, who is mentioned in the poem as a wealthy man. I will have Hod portrayed as one of his workers.

Hod will then interact with the Traveler mentioned in the poem, who I will later reveal as Bill's son. Then Bill will plan to have Hod hanged for killing him, without knowing it was Hod until Hod is brought before him.

The "trial" won't take place in a court setting. It will be a group of individuals that make their own judgment, with a vigilante mentality.

Step 2.

The ending to my script is "light". I chose to have one that created a mysterious tone, I hope it is enjoyed.

Final Draft:


After killing a traveler he robbed, a poor man surprises those that seek justice on his pathway to death.


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