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Galleries HQ: Promoting Art Through Amazing Technology

------ Press Release ---------


With Galleries HQ for iPad, a Seattle-based company looks to transform how artists, galleries and museums promote themselves with technology.

Seattle, Washington, November 20th, 2012 - Galleries HQ is a new marketing service that promotes art and architecture through mobile technology. With their first app available for Apple's iPad, they hope to transform how people find and discover favorite artists.

"It appeals to both my inner gadget geek and, as a free download, to my inner starving artist," says Vancouver, B.C.-based landscape artist Lorn Curry.

Over 100 million people now use iPad devices, and many rely on tablets and smartphones for recommendations on items such as restaurants, music and movies. By partnering with artists and galleries, Galleries HQ hopes to add another layer to the emerging trend of enabling consumers with information on the go.

"We're really excited to see this level of enthusiasm", says Seattle founder, Wayne Bishop. "It's been great creating a new platform for artists to promote their work. More than just a directory of names, we've built a new model that puts an array of information at people's fingertips. Our mission is to promote artists everywhere to encourage commerce and engagement. As we grow, we look forward to exploring other innovative technologies."

In the app, artists and their venues are represented as pins on a map - similar to ones seen with Google Maps. Users tap an artist and are presented with an overview of their work through the presentation of text, images and video. The map can be moved in any direction by pinching or swiping. Artists can also be discovered through defined search categories such as 'European' or 'Contemporary' art.

Galleries HQ focuses on promoting independent artists, galleries and museums. Groups participate by submitting an overview of themselves along with examples of their work. To maintain quality, content is reviewed prior to publication. Current listings include artists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Spain and Italy.

Galleries HQ is a new service that promotes art and architecture through amazing technology. We work with independent artists and galleries to promote content through mobile platforms, social media and the web. Inspired by the advancement of mobile technology, our goal is to present great works to enthusiasts everywhere. To find your favorite artist, download Galleries HQ for iPad at www.gallerieshq.com. Our company is based in Seattle, Washington. You can follow us at www.twitter.com/gallerieshq.

----- Communications Plan -------

With our technology service established, our group needs to add another layer to its marketing plan by establishing relations with the press. Our goal to have our service reviewed (or discussed) by at least one art-related publication and one technology-related publication before January 31st, 2013.


Independent artists and galleries we engage with are excited about our work. However, our marketing reach consists of small-scale media tools like Facebook and Twitter. We're looking to tell our story to a wider audience in order to build our offering.


  • Educate artists on the benefits of promoting their work through mobile devices
  • Become more efficient in reaching our target audience
  • Attract investors to our project 


  • Organize press "pitch" email templates
  • Create a list of media publications and reporters we wish to target
  • Organize press kit materials. These include screenshots and logos, along with our press release


  • Independent Artists
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Art Enthusiasts 
  • Technology Enthusiasts


  • Educate audiences on how mobile technology can be used to promote artists
  • Inform artists how our service works


  • Work to receive positive consideration from the press
  • Continue to engage and educate audiences through social media

--------- Formal PR Story Pitch ------------------

Hi Marcie;

Last week I had a chance to hear the piece you and Ross Reynolds did on 'Why do you buy art' ( www.kuow.org/post/do-you-buy-art ).  I thought it was a great discussion and helped me gain a new perspective, especially on the option of buying art online.

I run a Seattle-based start up called Galleries HQ ( www.gallerieshq.com ) where we aim to promote artists and their work through mobile technology.  As you mentioned, we believe in using technology to find artists but buying art in-person.  

Our first app is available now for the iPad and with it we're striving to:

  • Allow people to use personal technology to discover artists in-person using a world map.
  • Allow artists to showcase their work while on the go.
  • Allow tourists to plan sightseeing around art and artists.

If you are interested in learning more I can make myself available through email or phone.



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