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For this project I chose to represent my mother's side of the family. Our family is from Mexico, and more specifically the state of Tamaulipas. I derived my crest on some of the topography of the region, they are known for very hilly and plateau like areas. I had inspiration for the plateau from the actual crest of Tamaulipas, Mexico.It is always rather warm and sunny so I chose to include the sun as a entity rising above the plateau.

Within this oval crest there is the Rio Grande River which divides America and Mexico. This river has particular significance for it being the conduit in which some of older generations gained acess to America. My childhood home was also only a few miles from this river, which to me symbolizes opportunity and unity.

The two structures on either side are what we call Nopal or Prickly Pear Cactus which is a popular food item in our family as well as it being abundant in Mexico. The words at the bottom in the banner say "God Blesses You", this is a phrase used by much of my family and particularly my grandmother and mother. They are all devout Catholics and to wish God's blessing upon you is a gesture of caring and kindness.

Here is a little bit of inspiring imagery for my crest:

I took a few cues from this Mexican embroidery to give me color inspirations.


Here is my final crest.


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