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Gallardo family crest

Our family name is Gallardo. It comes from the pre 5th century a.d. Old German and Anglo-Saxon compound personal name "Gailhard" with the elements 'gail' meaning joyful and 'hard' meaning strong and brave.

it looks good on a shirt too.


I was able to ideate very fast on what I wanted and started with this simple sketch. 

I used to sketch a lot of iterations and almost get discouraged becuase my sketches were so "bad." But I noticed that Aaron barely wasted anytime at all with the sketches and just got straight to it. So I decided to do the same. And it worked very well for me to get me going. 


My parents and their brothers and sisters last were in rural Mexico. There corn is a staple food and central to their income. That is why I went with corn stalks as opposed to laurels which carry no meaning culturally to our recent generations. 

For the corn found this picture and drew over it in illustrator. With some elements removed and modified of course.

I used a tractor because of how much farming our family does. I found this older tractor to draw

Much of my family here in the United states has worked in construction. Or we are all handy around the house and take a lot of pride in our skills. To us it is independance to work on our own homes. Like a right of passage. Myself I was able to removate my parents home which was originally built in 1910. That is why I included the hammer. 

I found this image to replicate in illustrator

The colors that I picked were from a bottle of Corona Familar. I picked that because the men in our family tend to come together at the end of the workday and have a nice time talking and laughing. This is usually done while drinking beer. And Corona is one of the beers that seems to be in the most family photos. I found one of my family with that bottle of Corona. I used this image to take the colors from

As for the saying I used "Hecha le ganas" which roughly translates to English as "Put effort into it" and that was a term that was always said when someone was about to take on an endeavor. I never heard "good luck" or anything along those lines. To me this is far more powerful. Basically, "OK do what you will, but put all your effort into it" which is more encouraging. 

I was about to give up on this project many times through the day. Because I am a programmer and I have not really wanted to learn design. But everytime I felt myself getting lazy, I let the phrase play in my head. And it really pushed me.

I am pretty happy with my progress because it has definitely given me more confidence to pursue other  projects until i become excellent.

The class not only had the technical basics but your story and style are an inspiration. For that i thank you Aaron.


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