Galipote - student project

I started some time ago a project to design Dominican mystical legends from a very personal perspective. Here is the second design I created for the saga. Galipotes are known to trouble travelers countryside roads to scare them and bother them. They are basically mystical prankers. They are supposed to be man that can transform themselves into animals and objects. I wanted to make fun of that idea, so instead of transforming in animals they just disguise and take advantage of the dark nights to make their pranks. 


I explored three main body shapes.

Galipote - image 1 - student project

I explored a few poses before selecting the final idea. 
Galipote - image 2 - student project

Lastly I did the final sketch and colored the art. 

Galipote - image 3 - student projectGalipote - image 4 - student project


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José Pepín
Animation enthusiast