Galaxy magic

Galaxy magic - student project

Galaxy magic - image 1 - student project


I love this image, wouldn't mind covering my ceiling with this image so I could stare at it while falling asleep.

Alright, to my project, starting with my experiments:

Galaxy magic - image 2 - student project

I tried with more water, less water, using damp brush to "guide" the paint, color combinations, etc. I still have much to learn truly but it was nice to warm up and see what to do and what should be avoided.

Then, I made 2 borders, one with several layers of color and the other one less intense, but first , look at this effect~ my paper got dry while I was taking the pictures hahaha! but I had to show you how pretty it looks:

Galaxy magic - image 3 - student project

(how much/ how fast the color spreads depends on how wet the surface is. The wetter, the faster and wider it spreads. Less water and it will flow slower and make beautiful shapes like on the image above.

And now, the final thing!


Galaxy magic - image 4 - student project


Galaxy magic - image 5 - student project


Thank you for your lovely class Mindy!  Science and Art make a wonderful couple :D

ETA: another galaxy because, why not? science is all about repetition right ;) now I tried a circular frame and other combination of colors

Galaxy magic - image 6 - student project


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