Galaxy lettering - Android

So I don't have an iPad, but I have a Samsung galaxy note with a S-pen. 

Biggest obstacle; Procreate is an Apple app only.

I've got a few painting apps and I've tried writing on my phone ever since I saw Teela's pictures and videos on IG - Not successfully. With her instructions in this class it went so much better. 

I started with Artrage because I had in the past most success with brush lettering in this app. You can do almost everything in this app but transform the layers,  i.e. rezie and reposition your writings. 

These both images are made using Sketchbook. In which you can transform layers and there's a function to mirror your drawing. Plus you can paint with transparent "colour" as Teela demonstrates with all those eraser brushes. 

All the important stuff of blending modes are called the exact same thing. Just got to figure out the brushes. 

Thank you Teela! 





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