Galaxy T-Shirts

Galaxy T-Shirts - student project

So I've decided to do my label on a business that I started with my dad in 2002 doing custom designs for T-shirts. I wanna have a real hand made look to it where it's not so clean and there are some rough edges to the design and everything isn't precise dimensions.

My Mood Board

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 1 - student project

I put together my mood board based on some styles that I was looking to achieve, and just whatever struck my eye as i was going through images for inspiration. I put together anything i found attractive whether it was typography, style, illustrations, or colors.


So now that I have my mood board ready I'm ready to put together some quick sketches to try and determine what I would put on my label design, and get a basic idea of the layout.

trying to determine the composition and layout of the label or tag with a couple of quick thumbnail sketches:

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 2 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 3 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 4 - student project

Rough Sketch

After my layout was determined I started laying out a rough sketch of the composition and adding some illustration and lettering elements.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 5 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 6 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 7 - student project

Now that I think I have a pretty good handle on what I want the label to say and what illustrations I want to put on it, I can prepare a final sketch using my notes and rough sketch to make changes that I feel are necessary to clean up the label and get that ready to become the final product.

The Final Stages

So... I'm finally making progress toward the final design, working on a detailed sketch that I will end up digitizing, here are some shots of the sketch so far.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 8 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 9 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 10 - student project

Will probaby clean up the negative space between the "L" and "A" when I digitize it. The goal of the final image is to have the "Galaxy" section to be able to stand on it's own for a label, and the whole image for a bag or box label. That's it for now, back to work...

Inked Drawing

So now i have a final inked drawing, and now that i see it like this I feel I may want to simplify things a bit, because it's become a little too busy for me. so when go into illustrator to create the final design I will make some of the changes that i have noted to my self.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 11 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 12 - student project

I'm still figuring out a good process for something like this, I guess as I do more and more, I'll become a little better at figuring things out ahead of time. So for now, on to the next stage...

Finalizing the Design

Now that I have my final inked sketch I took it into Illustrator to start working on the final label design, which will consist of two labels (The full label with the tagline, and just the "Galaxy Custom Apparel" part).

Because I wanted to have rough edges and not have everything look super clean so I keep the hand drawn look, I did a live trace in Illustrator of my final sketch.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 13 - student project

After that I broke apart the image, and cleaned up the parts with the pen tool.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 14 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 15 - student project

When I had all the elements I needed to make the final image cleaned up I went and made some of the changes that I had noted to myself, and made some other layout adjustments that I though helped make the label more interesting and cleaner.

So Now I'm in the final stages of this project, and this is how it's going so far. 

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 16 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 17 - student project

It's been an interesting process so far. I have a lot more to do but I'm excited about finishing this design. So for now, back to work...

Final Digital Version

I finished the digital version in illustrator, one full label and one simple label now I need to design the box and tag labels, here are some shots of the final version.

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 18 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 19 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 20 - student project

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 21 - student project


Here are mock-up designs of how the illustration would be used.

T-shirt Box

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 22 - student project

Working on a triangle box design for the t-shirt. Here is the front of the box with the full illustration, a side panel with the simple version of the illustration, and another side panel with a slogan about the item.

T-Shirt Tag

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 23 - student project

The front of the tag has the simple hand label with the size of the shirt right under the "Custom Apperal" in the illustration. and the back of the tag has the same kind of slogan as the side of the box has.

I'm still working on the wording of the slogans as well as the designs for the box and the tags, but I think this is the creative direction that the tags and the box will take.

One more update

Galaxy T-Shirts - image 24 - student project

So I finally put together a mock-up of a t-shirt box in photoshop using the label design. I originally wanted to do a taller, style box which was going to be triangle in shape, but I was running into problems with the labe. So i decided to do a more traditional box design.

Elvis Camarena

Graphic Designer and Illustrator