Anne-Marie C.




Galaxy Project

I had trouble using a fine tip brush but the pulse and precision exercise was really helpful!  To save paper, I did the monochrome activity on the same page:p


~Pulse & Precision and Monochrome Activity~

I took a few images of jellyfish from Google.

Last year, I visited an aquarium was mesmerized by them.   I used salt and love the effect!



I was excited by the galaxy project but slightly disappointed at how it turned out.  The freedom to drop paint and let it ooze and the salt was great but I found my painting too light.  I would like it a little more intense.  Wasn't sure whether to layer more colour.  Nonetheless, I had a ton of fun doing this in front of my kids.  They loved to watch the colours mix and salt eat up the paint.


~Galaxy project~


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