Galaxy & Jellyfish | Skillshare Projects

Adrienne Jorgensen

Artist - Designer - Geographer



Galaxy & Jellyfish

This project was really, really fun. I've been playing around with this technique quite a bit over the past week or so. The possibilities for use seem so vast...

Here is the main piece. I worked with a 6"x6" aquabord. Interestingly salt didn't do much when applied to this surface, at least not the way that I was trying to use it.


Here's a detail from the image:


I'm definitely looking forward to making more of these!

Here's a jellyfish attempt. I guess I'm working on these in reverse order :-)


I used white ink and an irridescent silver/blue. It's kind of cool in that the color looks different depending on how the light hits it, but it doesn't really scan all that well.


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