Galaxy - Can't Stop

Galaxy - Can't Stop - student project

Galaxy - Can't Stop - image 1 - student project

First time ever with watercolors. I think it looks a bit horrific, yet I also like it. I only had mixed media paper and a super cheap palette so I'm wondering if it made it a little harder to work with. Either i must keep learning, or the paint didn't spread well even in the practices page. 

However, I enjoyed exploring and understanding the paint a little better and understanding how it all comes together. The lettering is brutal, done with acrylic and was very unsmooth getting it on. many layers for coverage. It's all I had at the moment, but I definitely know now that I want to invest in nicer paint, inks, and paper. This tutorial was worth exploring. I'm open to review and criticism. Please bare in mind I have very little artistic technique and am looking forward to building my skills. I have ideas, I just haven't learned how to put them on paper yet. 

Elena Shadle
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