SarahKay Amer

Independent Artist



Galaxy 2nd Attempt

Here's the outcome of the galaxy sky exercise. I enjoyed this exercise most of all. For whatever reason, I preferred doing it slightly differently from Ana.

Ana worked iteratively, adding bit by bit to a white sheet until it was fully colored. She would wet a small space with water, add color and texture to it, and repeat until the whole paper is covered.

I on the other hand wet the entire sheet first with a large flat brush, then splashed colors from lightest to darkest. I waited a very short time for it to become a little (but not totally) dry, then added another layer of the same colors to compensate for the watercolor's faded effect after drying. 

When the time came to add stars, they were kinda faded. I don't think I did anything wrong, so it's most likely the quality of the ink itself (a Snowman Marker). 

Let me know what you think. Critique is welcome.



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