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Yaela Sans

Lettering, packaging and illustration




Thanks Christine for this awesome class, I really enjoyed it. I'm awful using photoshop so it always make my digital illustrations look poor, but with those tricks I think I can get better at it. 

First, when trying to came up with a concept, I instantly thought about the Galapagos islands. I've always been very intrigued and interested in that topic, and I've very recently saw a documentary about it so with that in mind and a little research it wasn't hard to came up with the general idea. I chose 3 species that I'm particularly interested in and looked for some interesting facts about them. I chose the blue-footed booby, the marine iguana and the giant tortoise.

It was very challenging because I'm not familiar with those animals, and I've never even tried to draw them, and it was hard, I went over lots of images to try to understand the forms, I sketched a few times in diferent angles and poses, and after that I tried to identify the most determinant lines.


Then I thought about rectangular formats for each one of them like in their natural interaction using the text around to indicate the facts.


For this I just sketched to see how the composition would look like and identify the adjustments I needed to do. Then I tried to improve it.


Then I worked on another final and very clean sketch to work on photoshop. I chenged some poses to let everyone see the characteristics of the animals. 


And the text


Then when I went to photoshop I came up with this:




I struggled a lot by working color with photoshop because I'm not used to, I'm more a watercolor person, but by doing this I got out of my comfort zone and learned a new way to do things. Thanks a lot Christine. (Finally I was able to upload it)


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