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Galactic Glutton

The Galatic Glutton is the over weight, out spoken, has-been, veteran of the Empire. With 25 plus years on the force, his expectations in the fight against the rebels is at an all-time low. He does the coffee runs, medial paperwork and radio communications for his outpost. He spends his shifts with his legs up on his desk, cluttered with candy wrappers and soda cans from all over the galaxy, doing as little as he can while still collecting his paycheck from the Empire.


Once he finishes his shift, the Galatic Glutton can be found at any of the dive bars on Tatooine. Known by locals as the crazy drunk that rambles on and on about the good ole' days fighting the rebel scum. His drunken claim to fame is that he is the one who took Princess Leia prisoner. After taking down a few too many pints of green milk he falls into a sad depressed stupor recounting the loss of the good men on the first Death Star. He usually finishes his night by grabbing a large pizza for himself and retiring to his slum like barracks. 

More development coming soon!


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