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Background: Gabbler (which I'm releasing on iOs tomorrow, it is already available on Amazon, Nook, and Kindle), is an app to teach conversational Mandarin Chinese language. It's aimed at kids and young adults and is supposed to be a fun way to acquire a second language. I'm creating badges to win when completing a lesson.

Here's my first set of five badges. The game has three modes of play and five lessons - you can learn by reading pinyin (the phonetic transcription of Chinese), read the actual Chinese characters, or simply listen to the sentence and pick the right spoken answer. The badges below reflect that the user has been working in pinyin mode and has won badges for the "Let's go to school" lesson, "Let's go shopping", "Let's eat", "Hello", and "Meet my family" in that order.

I'm working on the second and third set of icons for Hanyu (character) and spoken game modes now. Would like your feedback!

This project is to create a series of badges for my app, Gabbler, which teaches Mandarin Chinese language skills in a conversational format for kids and young adults. Definitely a lot of 'kawaii' going on! This art was commissioned by me from, and I want to keep the badges looking similar to this style. I have an idea of creating a series of badges for users who unlock an achievement. 

Here are some pallette ideas. I think the Promo Amazon one is best.

I am going in the direction of having each of the 5 'lessons' in my app have three earnable badges, so I need to create 15. The commona thread is the ribbon motif going across the bottom right with the name of the game mode that they conquered. The general style is 'kawaii' and the iconography needs to align to the lesson content.


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