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I'm an aspiring graphic designer so naturally when I heard create some ideas off of gum I immediatlely wanted to learn more about a certain product.  I had to force myself to not rely on any additonal specifics, just gum.  Here's some ideas that I had. 

1.  I guess this could be in the form of a commercial for a gum company.  The first thing I though of when I heard the word gum was the Beldent gum social experiement that went viral on the internet. Beldent had identical twins placed around a room. One twin was chewing gum while the other simply sat motionless. When asked questions about the twins, nearly 70% of visitors reacted more positively to the one chewing gum. Questions such as "Who do you believe is more approachable?" "Who seems more likely to cheat on a test?" etc.

My idea would have two people split screen starting and going through out their day.  One of the guys/girls chewing gum and the other not.  Then it could show the person chewing gum having a much better day than the person not chewing gum.  Maybe the guy/girl chewing gum is complimented a lot.  Maybe they pick up a date.  Maybe someone picks up their tab at lunch.  Etc.

2. I also notice that gum can be very social.  If I have a piece of gum I always notice people will ask me for a piece of gum.  It could be a potential ice breaker and convo starter. 


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