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Nora ElGazzar

Graphic Designer



GUM associations

Hi there, 

very informative class you got there.. and it's really inspiring knowing that creativity is more of a process rather than just a natural talent, i wanted to hear that! lately i've been feeling really down regarding my productivity and "creativity" and given that i'm a graphic designer i'm a bit devestated! 

anyway this is my input regarding the 3 things relating to gum :)

1- ekhhh when you realize you just stepped on one!

2- the tendancy to keep on chewing the gum even if it becomes tasteless or even hard.

3- finally if only that taste could last a little longer.. i got it how about we create a thin layer of gum at the bottom of the cupcake that actually tastes like the cupcake. BAM!

feedback ofcourse is always appreciated ;)


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