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Yeissen Lowe




GTK my Watercolors

[1/17/16] Just finshed watching the entire class today! First stab at class the classes techniques is this pulse & precision practice sheet. I'll be posting more as i put into practice all the techiques that Ana taught! Having a ton of fun so far!


[1/18/16] Here's my galaxy! Ana makes it seem soooo easy. It was hard to blend my areas... by the time i got around to connecting them they were dry. Hoping to get rid of the sharp edges of some of the clusters next time. I'll have to rewatch video! Next up wil be creating the stars/galaxies!


[1/25/16] Ok class... here's my finished piece! I had so much fun doing this and can't wait to make more galaxies! I was so excited to just finish the project that i wrote the quote without placing it first. I just kinda wrote it out and I wish that I would have penciled it in first. I don't like the way it's centeredl, i think it's off balance but at least it's done and I'm ready for the next! Also, I added a light filter so you can really see the White Ink of the lettering. The picture above was just shoot in my dark kitchen. Like the filter one better. Thanks for looking! :)



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