The awakening to my late twenties did the trick for me. I flashed back at the dreams and accomplishments I thought I would have attained in my mid-twenties and tears rolled down my cheek. It was a rude wake-up call and I was not ready for it. For someone who adored birthday celebrations, I was completely un-amused and very depressed.

I had not engaged in conversations that required me to think hard and evaluate the options I had at hand. I was lucky enough to find a job straight out of university which paid me decently I must say. However my blue print with finances was appalling and hence when I hit the twenty fifth mark, I was devastated. My hopes, dreams and aspirations were only but what they were with no tangible effect to them.

Let’s first understand growth. Growth can be defined as the process of increasing in size e.g “the upward growth of plants”. There are various types of growth but I will focus on two for the purpose of this article. The logarithmic growth that increases quickly in the beginning but the gains decrease over time and the Exponential growth where the increase in the beginning is slow but the gains increase rapidly overtime. I chose these two types to shade light on the fact that everyone’s journey is different and there is no need for comparison. In light of understanding growth, it’s key to note that growth is measurable and very tangible.

I was very comfortable with receiving my paycheck at the end of every month just to squander it recklessly and be broke by the third week of the month. It was a cycle that I curated and it didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t think outside the books and made no effort whatsoever to horn that which was given to me. Remember to whom much is given, much is required. Nothing I had could be multiplied because I wasn’t responsible for even the little I had control over.

I dreamt alright but did not set any goals. I don’t even know who or what brainwashed me into thinking that goals/resolutions were not important. I kid you not, I prided in the fact that I didn’t have any goals. I always said that I live life as it comes and hell yes, I was heading nowhere. I only did the logical steps like starting my CPA to add value to my degree and get me a corner office with a nice view and paid me well to support my-would be luxurious living.

I breed bad habits and defended myself every time anyone tried to call me out. I would sleep late and wake up late, procrastinate a lot, spend like the prodigal son and save nothing. I constantly told people, I know what it means to lack and I am just enjoying myself because I can. It’s not wrong to treat yourself right, self-care is a necessity however too much of anything is bad.

Last year was the beginning of change for me. I complained most of the year because I was tired of the state of things. My friends challenged me to the core and I knew I had to do something. A friend of mine started a hospitality consultancy and transformed her two bed-roomed house into an AirBnB. I often ask her what her thought process is like because honestly, AirBnB is not something I would have come up with. In our conversations, she stated that she wanted the house to pay its rent as she focuses on other responsibilities. I walked home with a throbbing head because I realized that there’s a thin line between ordinary and extraordinary.

I then purposed that I was going to be intentional about growth in all aspects. In the paragraphs above I have mostly shared my financial baggage but my spirituality was suffering as I had settled for the lukewarm Christian because I just didn’t want to put in the work.

I set goals at the beginning of the year and prayed about them. I shared with a friend who holds me accountable every other month. Since I account to someone, I had to draw strategies that would map the way of attaining these goals. This also eases the process of tracking progress and eventually evaluating. As a result, I have picked up online classes in order to increase my skill set and the books I read now have changed. Knowledge indeed is power and ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.

The thing about intentionality is that the law of attraction sets in. the people who then show up in your life are either on the same journey as you are or have been there. Your conversations will definitely change and you will feel different. You will be happier and productivity will call out to you like a mother to her child. In short, you will attract a tribe that will constantly challenge you to the core and right there, you will begin to grow.

I am not where I was destined to be but am right on track. I have had to come to a place of being comfortable with discomfort because growth is really uncomfortable. I have had to outgrow my skin and grow into a new one. Along the way, God has aligned great people; young and old who have been insightful so far. I can’t wait for what is in store for me and I hope you too can come along.

Here is to growth in all aspects of life! God bless you.