GRAB BAG - grab some cheer

GRAB BAG - grab some cheer  - student project

In our ever crazy world, we often forget to look back on moments with a smile. With each little new task, problem, we feel an extra weight on our backs. We get irritated for seemingly trivial things - the comment said in passing by a co-worker, an unintentional push on a crowded bus, even the weather. We often get stuck in these moments and let the emotions compound.

With a couple of taps, GrabBag nips these moments in the bud. Pull up GrabBag when you're feeling a bit down and: 

  1. Tell it how you're feeling. 
  2. Then give it the most accurate assessment of why you're feeling that way
  3. GrabBag will give you a grab bag of things that will cheer you up:  

Music - A song related to your mood and situation that can cheer you up (hypothetically could use music fingerprinting APIs). 

Article - An article about your situation (e.g. An article about what the days are like after getting fired, or a psychology study on why regret is unhealthy). A rational way to work your way through your mood. 

Video - Funny. Stupid. Something that will cheer you up. 

Quote - An inspirational, positive quote. 

You can then share certain things that you found helped you out, via Facebook or Twitter.

The Journal feature then allows you to write something personally about the moment. How did it resolve itself? How did it not? The next time you face the same situation (emotion, scenario), GrabBag will not only provide you with new GrabBag items, but also include your Journal Entry from before. Think of it as writing a note to your "future self" for the moments you need them. 

The biggest challenge to this project is sourcing all the 'grab bag' items. We've decided to skim over this challenge for the time being and manually curate the materials and draw from them. 

Quick mock up: 

GRAB BAG - grab some cheer  - image 1 - student project

Wireframes coming soon. Thinking it will look similar to Songza layout: 

GRAB BAG - grab some cheer  - image 2 - student project