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GOOD FORM. "Look Good, Feel Good. Good Form."

Simple yet Sophisticated. Tattoos under a Tuxedo. Good Form is a New York born sophisticated streetwear and lifestyle brand created to be a classier approach to streetwear. Good Form means looking good. Good Form means performing well. Good form is the reaction you recieve when people are impressed with you. So, Look Good. Feel Good. Good Form.

As a student I've always had an affinity for design with a purpose. Design with a utility rather than remaining static in the form of a painting or a sculpture. This is what drew me to furniture design. Designing furniture gave me a chance to create goods that you can not only admire on a purely aesthetic level, but also USE them and appreciate the purpose for which they were built. Form and Function. The ideal product must achieve both of these attributes successfully. This is also true for fashion: Clothing is more than just another place for a company to post it's logo. Taken all the way back to its roots, clothing is essentially a layer of protection against the elements and eventually evolved to have other utilities such as protection against animals and weapons, and to show social hierarchy.  Eventually clothing became a form of personal expression.  

This is how we created The Good Form logo- The Top Hat represents a form of personal expression and a sophisticated demeanor. The Umbrellas represent the utility of our products as protection against elements both natural and social. Together they represent high-class and utility-but are positioned in a way to evoke the familiar Skull and Crossbones- because everybody has a dark side.


Over the past few years high-end luxury brands have managed to infiltrate the street-wear market, and vice versa. Many luxury brands have begun making, what they see as, street-wear goods and street-wear brands have tried to create more high-end luxury goods. Me and two childhood friends have created Good Form as an intermediary between these two markets-In order to deliver usable, wearable, luxury goods at a reasonable price. We wanted to give people high-end design thinking with every day wearability.  Many people feel that they are 'too mainstream' or just can't pull off certain high fashion styles, while others feel that they are 'too mature' or 'too professional' to wear street-wear goods: which are most commonly inspired by sports, such as basketball shoes and skateboarding clothing. This is where "Good Form" comes in. We offer High fashion styles and everyday wearability- what we call "sophisticated street-wear."  What we wanted from a clothing company didn't exist... So we imagined Good Form.  The meaning is understood in almost any language! We started with graphic based designs using the sophistication of our logo and the variable meaning of our company name as the main subject matter.  As we continue to make reliable connections with manufacturers, we would like to move to cut and sew becuase that is where our really interesting ideas are. Hopefully we will learn how to make that happen through this class!.

Cody Lewis and

Here are some shots of products we have produced or are currently being finalized for production. All images are the property of Good Form NY.


Good Form "Tabula Rasa" Satin Patch Tee w/ hidden zippers:

Hidden Zipper Detail: 

Good Form Logo Rain Jacket Stage 1:

Good Form Logo Tee:

Graphic Studies:


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