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Recently, just a month ago, I had the idea to make a family crest, but didn't know where to get started. Thank you Aaron Draplin for providing an excellent jumping off point and, more importantly, giving us permission to make it not so serious.

Here are some family highlights I wanted to honor:

1.) Jewish Russian Heritage.

2.) Our dog Daisy, a border collie blue tick hound. I discovered that the Traditional "Goldman" family crest has 3 flowers on the shield resembling daisy flowers and liked the synchonicity.

3.) Growig up in California, off-the-grid, in a redwood tree forest. Generators and batteries were the only source of electricity and extremely slow dial-up internet, still used by my parents to this day, makes you want to bash the computer with a blunt object every time you use it.

4.) Our family song, written by my Great Dad who loved to embarass me by singing it...

Here is where I started:


Here is a screen shot of the project evolution across multiple artboards:


"Keep it live, vectors are free." Great advice from the course. In my efforts to be super organized I always try to keep my artboards clean but in the end it winds up costing you cause you can't go back and compare. This is the first time I let it get messy and will always work this way from now on.

Final Version in Black and White Final:


A colorway that I do not like very much:


Silver on Black Version-01:


Silver on Black V-02:


And lastly, in context:


Thanks for checking out my project! Any feedback is welcome. The harsher the better.


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