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Golden Handmade will create home good products and furnature that will inspire, be passed on, and enjoyed for many years.  Our tables and home goods are centered around family, community, and quality.  Our main product offerings at first will be farmhouse coffee tables, dining tables, and desks.  Also, we will offer handmade cedar block table lamps.  


We will source our wood from local lumberyards to support and build relationships with other local small businesses.  All other tools needed to build the tables and lamps are currently in our possession.  There are some tools that will be upgraded in order to simplify the process down the road. 

In order to deliver a quality product, we will only work with the highest quality of raw materials.  


Currently we don’t plan to build a team around this business and keep all labor in the family.  While I’d love to see this business succeed and grow, our desire is to provide a limited number of tables each year to ensure top quality.  

I, personally, plan to be the craftsman as well as owner at Golden Handmade.


Our customers will get a truly unique, high quality handmade product when they do business with us.  Our customer is the individual that appreciates furniture that lasts and is custom crafted for their needs as well as unique and handmade home goods.


Currently I'm still in the moonlighting phase, so time will be the hardest part as of now.  The balance of taking this one step past a hobby will be the toughest thing to figure out.

My product designs are what make my products unique.  They are born out of my sketches and then crafted into pieces of furnature and products.  Each table is custom built to the specifications of our customer--from the design, the wood used, and the finishes applied. 

I can only make a few tables each year, but I plan to make a great quantity of cedar block table lamps to sell.  These handmade cedar table lamps will be my repetition, where my custom farmhouse tables will be my high revenue/low quantity items.   


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