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Manchester United was the club I chose to design kits for because this was the club that introduced me to the game of soccer. In 2008 I became a new fan, drawn in by the colors, the crest, the players, and kits of United. Learning what it must mean to the players and fans to play for United as well as support through watching matches and observing the player selection over the years. 

Plus digging up old history about your club doesnt hurt either. This lead to me finding my own meaning of being a supporter to Manchester United. Who doesnt want their dream job anyway, to design for a club you love, get no better than that right. Well only if you get to design for your native country kit.

I pulled my inspirations from things I saw and struck me visually, from old team kits all the way to cars and comics. Still never losing focus on the fact the COLORS are still are most important other wise United wouldnt be the team they are today. 



From these images, my imagination was sparked and created these designs for Man Utd. 

Touches of Gold have been added since Man Utd recently won the Premier League along with "Glory Glory Man United" just indside to the search along the back collar. Also added were holes for ventilation areas where it is really important to keep dry and maximize peformance in any way.  

Tell me what you think or how they could be better or if you love them let me know as well. THANK YOU!



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