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GIRLS are Lovely Little Ladies

final project

This piece was inspired by my daughters. It took lots and lots of drawing, over and over again to try and get the letterforms just right! I think I have officially memorized the drawing movements with all that went into this project. I imagine this project could use a little texture in the background. Does anyone have any technique-suggestions for that? I was thinknig something subtle...

Once I determined the phrase I wanted to illustrate, I started with the letterforms over and over again. What L did I like best, how do the letterforms work together? How will the flowers fit in? GIRLS should would be a different weight and feeling than the "L" letters. I guess I slowly came to these conclusions just through practicing/drawing.

Eventually, I used a large window to tape up my final drawing and outline it on a fresh piece of paper in a thin art marker to then scan into the computer. Through trial and error in Illustrator, I found Mary Kate was right, I should probably ink up a few sections and scan them in separately. It just made working in Illustrator, in layers--choosing colors, easier.

separate scans - layers

Then I came to color choice. I Googled around until I found some images that held the feeling and color I was looking for...somewhat antiquated but with some light-hearted pastels. 

color inspiration


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