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My story is about the crippling anxiety that can come along with the first day of a new internship (or job, whatever), especially in a foreign country, and about how things are never as bad as they seem. Despite a day filled with awkward Slovene-English exchanges, strange assignments and teeny-tiny coffee cups, at the end of the day I made some really great friends and the experience was the best time of my life.

I picked this story because there is a wide range of emotion expressed, ranging from terror to joy. That range assists in showing character development.

Goofy first-pass doodles of my coworkers! Aside from myself, they're the only other featured folks.


So these are all photos taken by  me during my time there. The purpose of them is mostly just to jog my memory of the architecture of the studio and to make it much easier to remember the layout. The fourth picture on the bottom right is a picture of the walk i had to make everyday; again, mostly just to jog my memory.

Other ideas:

2) I worked in clothing retail for 4 years, and have stories upon stories of terrible customers, most of them being overbearing mothers. I chose not to pick a specific one of these because while they're really quite funny, the story doesn't have much flexibility or interest, so I scrapped it.

3) When I was 12 or so, I thought I was a rollerblading prodigy and attempted to roll down a very steep hill backwards. Since I'm really quite clumsy, this went remarkably poorly and I fell and shattered my left wrist. While this idea has a lot of funny moments in it also, there's really not much of a story here outside of me being a doofus.

references and thumbnails incoming!


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