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GIF Me! Making a Photo Come to Life!

For Milestone 1, I created by first class called-- Creating a Cinemagraph using Photoshop. It's here:

Milestone 2 is to ceate a class project and share your class topic with the group. The project will be: GIF Me! Making a Photo Come to Life! Students will take a few pictures of themselves (best to use a tripod and burst mode) and turn them into a cinemagraph animated GIF using Photoshop's animation feature.

Milestone 3 is to simply post a link to your class outline in your class project. Here's my outline. I look forward to your feedback. 

I have my intro video on there already. I realize it's not super fancy, but this is my first time doing these. I do lots of screencasts (for my students as I am a teacher) and rarely am I actually "on camera" so I set up in my classroom with my lovely Emoji pillows all around. 

Updated 4/8: PUBLISHED the course! Someone wanna take it and post a project? :)


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