GFTD: A New Way to Gift Shop

GFTD:  A New Way to Gift Shop - student project

GFTD:  A New Way to Gift Shop - image 1 - student project

GFTD is new way to gift shop. Invite loved ones to offer monetary contributions to help get the things you REALLY want. We establish exclusive brand collaborations to offer limited edition items that can only be found on

What's the elevator pitch of your idea? They give to help you get the things you REALLY want.

What's your X for Y? GFTD, the Kickstarter for gift recipients.

Here are the biggest holes in GFTD:
How will you establish brand/designer partnerships with no reputation?
How will you monetize GFTD?
How will you prevent gift recipients from becoming greedy?

The GFTD MVP Solution is a landing page for user's to sign up to receive the launch notification. We will use our numbers to validate our idea for use in securing brand partnerships. Once we secure a brand partnership, the name of the brand will be added to the landing page to build buzz.

Actionable Plan
What's your goal? GFTD's goal is to secure 100 users to sign up each week. 
GFTD's B2B goal is to establish 2 brand collaboration agreements per month. 
Which solution will you implement to hit your goal? Press Release. Email blast to friends and family members. Marketing plan for Twitter & Facebook. For B2B, we will send out mailers to prospective brands and designers that will include a business card and a small write up on company letter head.
What is a good week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal? 
Follow designers on Twitter, gain new followers and tweet about GFTD. Build excitement and buzz surrounding GFTD. Position GFTD as a new, fun, and fashion forward company.

The BIG Print

  • The gift recipient can enter only up to 20 contacts
  • The Gift Recipient cannot request a certain amount for a monetary contribution
  • The Gift recipient's contact will have 14 days to offer a monetary contribution. The contact can select the 20.00 denomination amounts, or he/she may manually enter an amount over 20.00. A full/whole dollar amount has to be entered in 10.00 denominations. 
  • The lowest gift amount will be 35.00. 
  • There will be free shipping on all items under 50.00. 
  • There is a shipping charge on anything purchase over 50.00. The shipping amount will be automaticlaly deducted from the recipeint's balance.


  • What if the gift recipient does not receive money or enough money that is needed to buy any one item from The giver is refunded. As long as there is enough for that gift recipient to purchase any one item, he/she will be granted access to and has 3 months to exhaust the funds.
  • What happens to any unused balance under 10.00? The unused balance goes toward a humanitarian organization of the gift recipient's choice.