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GF Apricot/Amaretto (Cookie) Milk Stout

Long Story short....

Boy starts dating girl.

Boy finds out girl is diagnosed with Celicas Disease.

Girl talks fondly of all the great beer she used to consume before she was diagnosed.

Boy decides that if no one else is making GF versions of her favorite beer styles, he probably should.

That's how I started brewing gluten free beer.  So far my experience has been limited to IPAs.  Single hopped, DIPA, Grapefruit, etc.

I saw this project as great oppurtunity to:

1) Try brewing a glutten free stout

2) Experiment with flavor emulsion in my beer 

We've had some success baking glutten free cookies and breads by experimenting with different flours and mixes.  One of the most successful experiments was baking a version of this cookie recipe which I absolutly love.  I thought that it might be a great oppurtunity to get alot of the similar flavors into a nice dark/sweet beer.

So far, my 3 gal recipe looks like this.....

Malt Bill:

1 lb Home-Toasted Gluten-Free Quick Oats (from Bob's Red Mill), steeped at 150°F for 30 min, then removed, prior to starting the boil

2 lbs D-180 Candi Syrup at beginning of boil

4 oz Maltodextrin @ 10 min

4.0 oz Lactose @ 10 min

3 lbs Briess White Sorghum Syrup, added at flame-out

Hop Schedule:


2lb apricot puree (primary)

*Almond Extract/Amaretto (secondary)

Yeast: Safale S-04 English Ale Dry Yeast

*I'm still trying to figure out how to add the amaretto flavor into my beer.  I'm afraid that if I add amaretto dirctly to my beer, the sugars will ferment out and i'll be left with a taste other than what I was looking for.  I'm also thinking of making my own almond extract using whiskey instead of vodka.  I thought that the use of whiskey in making an extract might add some flavor that will compliment the beer in general.  To be determined....

I have some ciders that are in primary fermentation right now.  I look forward to getting started on this recipe as soon as my carboys are free.


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