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Katina Eloise

Co-Founder @GET|EM|BOY CO.




Name: Katina and Lou Ramos

City, State: Miami, FL/New York, NY

Brand Name: GETEMBOY


GET|EM|BOY®™ Is the Constant Pursuit of Quality & Perfection, Personified By An Unwavering Resolve to Set Trends & Exceed Goals, Against All Odds.

Get'em Boy is a brand birthed in the struggle of a father’s frustration. It is a story of how society outcasted and treated his Autistic son Jovani and his son’s best friends… the American Pit-bull Terriers. (Lou & Kat) began Get’em boy in 2002 as a Mantra or Chant for Lou’s son and his dogs. After being rejected by most people in their community, Jovani and his Pit bulls formed their own special bond with each other. Their friendship became the attitude/movement that is now Get'em Boy.

Get’em Boy Company was founded in 2002 when it took on a passion for survival, competition and success. Get’em Boy is dedicated to promoting a healthy outlook on life and setting the stage for a new generation of competitors. The company is committed to designing apparel that speaks to the hearts and the minds of men and women young and old from all walks of life. Its philosophy speaks clearly to the cancer survivor to the Olympic prospect; winning is determined by the attitude taken toward life. The words “Get’em Boy” means “Take all positive avenues to reach your goal never give up”

This is the philosophy of Get’em Boy, the attitude we will build our brand on and now we take our attitude into the world of Fashion. Get’em Boy is for anyone with the competitive drive, in areas from sports to business and everyday life experiences. The company is about being your absolute best.

GET|EM|BOY®™  is not just another or typical clothing company. It has been described as bold, energetic, and at first, somewhat controversial. As you get to know GET|EM|BOY®™ , you will find these to be true but not with a negative notion. GET|EM|BOY’s®™ logo  is a Pit Bull which, at first, always seemed to be perceived negatively by most. However, upon further investigation, you’ll find out that all is positive. Our brand has nothing to do with the controversy that surrounds the PitBull breed. Like many things, GET|EM|BOY®™ was birthed in struggle and many challenges, but unlike a lot of things, the owners at GET|EM|BOY®™ believe in the philosophy of “The Greater The Struggle, The Bigger The Reward!”

Pit Bulls by nature are characteristically competitive and, in the spirit of competition, continually persevere. We love that quality because that is the attitude we foster and promote. Additionally, the Bulldog/Pit Bull never sees things as a hurdle but rather an adventure or a goal, like a challenge that must be conquered. There is never any thought of quitting or stopping until that goal is achieved. The Great Rocky Marciano once said "I don't want to be remembered as a beaten champion.”  Well, GET|EM|BOY’s®™ philosophy is quite the same, quitting, stopping or losing is not an option. Although winning might not be everything, your attitude will be the formula for success or failure.

 GET|EM|BOY®™ embraces struggle without excuses, meets life’s challenges without running away, and always faces negativity with a positive outlook and attitude. All challenges are welcomed. This is what GET|EM|BOY®™ is all about. It’s Not Just A Lifestyle… It’s An Attitude© we wear proudly. We’re not just another name to saturate today’s apparel market with the “same ole same ole”. For us, GET|EM|BOY®™ is a family of woven individuals that are striving to create quality products that consumers will love and appreciate.

When all is said and done, GET|EM|BOY®™  Is The Constant Pursuit Of quality & Perfection, Personified By An Unwavering Resolve To Set Trends & Exceed Goals Against All Odds©.

With characteristics such as tenacity, courage, and loyalty, these dogs quickly became a proud symbol of the American people. Pit Bulls began popping up in the media. They could often be seen in advertisements and in company logos. And not only did they endorse products, but the Pit Bull, with it's strong and noble demeanor, was frequently found in World War 1 propaganda. Many soldiers and military platoons had Pit Bulls as well.  View More History Here

The Pit Bull was the Beloved american Pet.                                                              





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