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GDASTD Chapter Blog


Here's my content strategy document:

Official Blog Content Strategy

Greater Detroit Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development


The GDASTD blog seeks to add to the benefit of membership by increasing communication, collaboration, and a sense of community throughout the Greater Detroit Chapter.

Target Audience

  • Existing Chapter Members
  • Potential Chapter Members
  • Frequent meeting attendees
  • Past and future presenters
  • Members of other ASTD Chapters and National Association


  • Promote chapter events
  • Encourage thoughtful dialogue among colleagues
  • Establish a positive reputation among other chapters and industry professionals
  • Provide content that enables members to:
    • Stay current with chapter news and upcoming meetings
    • Engage with others in the field
    • Promote thoughtful reflection on chapter presentations
    • Build a positive reputation among peers

Content Categories

  • Chapter Events:  I will blog about the chapter’s upcoming monthly meeting approximately two weeks prior to the event.
  • Chapter News: The Chapter Secretary will summarize the monthly Board Meetings and include a link to the Meeting Minutes located on our website.
  • Member Editorials: Each board member will be assigned one month per year to blog about their personal response to that month’s member meeting and guest presentation, encouraging the opinions of other meeting attendees.
  • Industry Trends: Once per month I will blog about trends in the Learning and Development Industry, providing links to other online resources, including the National ASTD newsfeeds.
  • Member of the Month: Once Per Month I'll blog about a particular member of our chapter. I’ll profile their profession, experience, specialties, and ideas on the current trends in the Learning and Development field. I’ll also link to their Social Media accounts or website and encourage them to do the same for me.

 Communication Channels

  • LinkedIn Private Group
    • Limit access to members and friends of GDASTD including: past presenters, frequent meeting attendees, and other Michigan ASTD chapter members.
    • Provide links to the chapter blog for all articles
    • Submit links to the chapter blog to other local ASTD chapters 
  • Twitter Feed
    • Tweet all postings of blog articles in addition to other tweets
    • Place feed reader on the landing page of the chapter website
  • Facebook Fan Page
    • Post link to blog articles, and call for responses to the content
  • Possible addition of Google+ in the future

Key Performance Indicators

  • Internet referrals for chapter membership (add to application form?)
  • Internet referrals for events (add to registration form?)
  • Onsite membership growth
  • Onsite membership activity

Launch Initiative

  • Announce social media presence via email blast
  • Encourage online membership via flyer available at chapter events
  • Present members-only webinars via AnyMeeting
    • Facebook for L&D professionals
    • LinkedIn for L&D professionals
    • Twitter for L&D professionals
    • Same format for each of three webinars:
      • What it is
      • How you can benefit
      • How to connect to GDASTD
      • How to connect to other useful L & D resources
      • Record webinars and make available on members-only page of chapter website



This is the link to my blog:


I'm Robin Pierman out of Detroit.  I'm a Technical Trainer by trade, a Life-Long Learner by choice, and a big fan of social media.  I'm active in the local chapter of the ASTD - American Society for Training and Development.  Our chapter needs someone to create and maintain a blog to attract and retain members.  That's why I'm taking this class.

Please let me know what you think about my blog.


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