GBC - student project


Three quick sketches regarding this project.

The first idea is a quasi-nude with a book; perhaps too elaborate for a shirt, but I would make minimalistic in future iterations, if any:

GBC - image 1 - student project

The second is a sketch of one of my previous ideas below; "seductive" eyes peeking over book binding:

GBC - image 2 - student project

The third is the least original and a template surely to be tired very soon but I like it b/c it started me thinking of a logo:

GBC - image 3 - student project



A group of us have a silly little book club we take part in, Gentlemen's Book Club.

Half the people who hear about it find it amusing and interesting that we meet up. The other half think we're weird. Both reactions are welcome.

While ostensibly a book club, the books are the lynch pin, the social excuse to meet up, share thoughts, and drink well.

In "honor" of the upcoming 10th insallment of the club I wanted to make a commemorative shirt and surprise the fellas.

GBC - image 4 - student project

I would like to play off the traditional/generic themes of "gentlemen-ess" (monocle, top hat, cigar, etc.) and combine them with some fun, not-so-serious convivial elements, and perhaps some sex appeal.

GBC - image 5 - student project

GBC - image 6 - student project