GB-Trap / BONES - student project

Here's My project for the lesson... I had a lot of fun...faced a lot of difficulties figuring new tools and tricks but the teacher @Lucas_Ridley was very informative.

The GB-Trap:

GB-Trap / BONES - image 1 - student projectThe GB trap part establishes the "Basics" handling part of the MAYA(n) interface :p

The Bones Part however dives into a lot of tricks and it had me in a bit of brainstorming moments where I had to think "Shit! I have to rebuild the whole thing" ---to--- "Hey! I can try this workaround and save me some time".

There's a lot of things to learn and I have gone from being "Wow! Those buttons... Some Voodoo magic is in place" to "Yeah... I can do that without the teacher dictating every steps" .

I had fun creating the bones part and just for fun - I added extra one of those Skeletons to give a Titanic pose vibe ( ᐛ ) (and also some horns to the head)GB-Trap / BONES - image 2 - student project

Abhilash Kar
Student Passionate on VFX and Designing