G.T. GOD TRIALS ( Trials & Tribulation's )

Name: G.T. God Trial's ( TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS )

Slogan: For those who stood up for STANDOUT! ( IN REMEMBRANCE OF BROTHER T.MARTIN ) GTwearethechosen

Origin: Scam City, CA 2013

Logo: One of four

This is the first original g.t. logo i creatied. I kept it simplictic in both style and design using a couple characteristic that could brifly describe trials of life. such as religion, and the ankh sybol meaning life in egyptian Hieroglyphic's. To complete this logo i placed a seperate cross whith the T again stating the religious obstacles many of us battle with through life. This is just the first logo out of four in the G.T. line.


I wanted to convey my brand's wordmark with a simplictic approach in accordance with the rest of the brand ambiance by taking the original letters i had used for the g in the g.t. logo along with the bold letters i used fot the t in the logo. I compiled those two factors together creating what we now have as the G.T. wordmark.


 On July 14,2013 an incident occurred that will continue to change our generation as the years continue on. George Zimmerman a man who should of been convicted of second – degree murder was found innocent in a nation where we are judged by our constituents in the court of law. We are not the ones who speak to be seen, but the ones who speak to be heard. May Praise of the highest power be upon not only the families of our beloved brother Travon martin but of his friends and their families and those friends of those families to us ALL. This is not a judgment that we will ever forget. Young brother martin is a boy that we will never forget shaping the lives, and history of our generation.  We see clearly even though we ALL may be here together we are not the same. When the gavel drops on your life situation what will you do. Now is the time we again brothers and sisters stand up for the ones who stood out. G.T.T.M. ( God trials Travon Martin ) As the news FADE’S trial & tribulations will remain eternal  G.T.T.M. 

Mission Statement:                                                                                          Music

  Music who many refer to as the sountrack of life goe's hand in hand with the evolution of G.T. ( TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS ) . G.T. is us G.T. is you. If u have gone through any kind of trials and tribulations through life.G.T. is all about evolving and growing through those key trials and tribulations that better us as people. It's what you do now that counts in life nobodys keeping track.its up to ourselves to look back and ask what have we contributed to society how was are mark established, and in the end what did it all mean to us. G.T. is a part of us all. There is no one man no matter their race, creed, religious belief, or rank in society that can define us. We are what society is afraid of most...we are the one's who just dont give a F**.






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