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I will now start showing you what I do daily at my workspace in downtown miami. I am a self employeed after years of hustling my brand for about 3 years and I am currently working 6-7 days a week doing what I love to do most.

My patterns are cut by two of my employees then sewn by me. I recently started cross training my team on sewing too. 

I have a different vision of where I want to go with my brand. I make things I love and I don't generally follow seasons. I went from focusing on women leggings to making unisex pants that are comfortable, daring and different.

I came in today to catch up on this coming weeks order.. I hope you enjoy seeing what we do!


G.A.G is not what you think, its an ATTITUDE. Gabriela Guzman is the founder and designer of this eclectic urban label. After graduating from Miami International University of Art and Design in 2007, her creative wheels started turning and have now crashed into the closets of some of the hottest fashionistas on the scene. Hip hop's reigning Queen, Nicki Minaj has gotten gagged more than once while on her journey to the top of the music empire. 

The line started with a collection of tongue in cheek T-shirts and hand made accessories such as wallets, skully's, and hoods. Since then G.A.G has become a full blown fashion house consisting of one of a kind eccentric leggings, cropped tanks, drop crotch pants, outlandish accessories, and the most famous blast from the past... the fanny! Many of these unique pieces are one of a kind and made-to-order. 

After a few years of juggling a part-tim job and running a business she created a pair of faux leather drop crotch pants that ended up taking her out of her job. Now GAG focuses on making unisex handmade pants and tops through online markets. She has a team that helps her cut and sew every single piece that is ordered as she continues to create individual pieces for her following.

Below are pictures of what I currently sell:


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