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Gracelle Mesina

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G. Mesina's Business Cards

Hello creatives!

This is obviously where I'll be sharing my business card progress. I would really appreciate some honest and constructive feedback for this one! Cheers!

UNIT 1: Sans + Structure

I didn't want to add too much contact information, as most of it will be in the updated version of my website. I'm definitely leaning towards the ultra thin weight, but depending on the printer, it might not be the most legible.

UNIT 2: Serif + Details

For the sake of this unit, I chose Baskerville. I'm definitely not a serif kind of girl, but it's nice to get some practice. I do like how this came out, however, I'm definitely changing the font for the final iteration. 

UNIT 3: Slab + Customization

Overall, as someone who dabbles mostly with interaction and web design, the course was a great typography-refresher. I definitely enjoyed this unit the most, experimenting with colour and illustration. In my opinion, personal brands are generic and aren't really effective nor memorable, so I just thought about the context I would be distributing cards, and that is when I've made a meaningful connection. So, why not follow up that connection with a coffee or drink to build and strengthen that relationship? If that person likes me, then this card could serve them as a friendly reminder.

I made several types so that I could take advantage of moo.com's printfinity feature. I kept the slab font, ChunkFive, consistent with each iteration, but used a different handwritten font and pattern to match the word. Hope you enjoy!


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