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Futuristic Fem Gunner

Hi guys! So it would seem I'm rather late to the party, but I just couldn't believe when I found out the Charlie Bowater (one of my all time favorite artists) was offering a skillshare, and had to take up the class :D

So, according to the rubric, we are to start off making silhouetted thumbnails. This part was rather difficult for me as I am completely noob at drawing poses and have pretty bad sense about anatomy, but I tried to stay flowy and just dropped down what came to mind without being tedious.

And here they are with structure...

Eventually, I got drawn to three figures and started trying to flesh them out into a direction..

Aannndd that's all I have so far. Not sure which figure I want to move forward with. I picked up the class a couple of days ago and didn't really get around to starting until today. All critique is welcome!


I've decided to go with the middle design after some second opinions and came up with a 'frankenstein' mashup of elements I liked. Again, any feedback is awesome. I'll be posting my variations of the character ASAP.


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