Gretchen P.

Graphic Designer



Future Surface Pattern Designer!

Its always been difficult to find a box that I can fit myself into, and I appreciate being validated that I can be more-than-one-thing.

Ive already been many things so far, and typically win the prize for having the most bizarre jobs. To list a few, I worked in a fish cannery, was a massage therapist, painted boomerangs, flew helicopters, worked in a research laboratory, sewed bike bags... Those were just the interesting ones!

Fabric is always the thing I come back to. I hoard it, thrift it and always wish I could find something that seems to be unavailable. Ive sewn my whole life, and have a very active sewing habit in the winter months. So, after years of struggling twiddling my thumbs, Im ready to give it a real go. 

I have a couple big dreams... because I am a dreamer!

Dream #1: live a creative lifestyle #2: build a large body of work #3: find a consistent artwork licensing regimen #4: work for Vlisco (even for just one day... or even just a visit to their textile factory) I love Vlisco.


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