Future Sum Fan, Rahad

The (Not So) Average Future Sum fan aka, a “Spirit Bomb” [#spiritbomb]

In a sentence, #Spiritbombs are thought leaders and influencers. They are the explorers, doers, definers and content curators.... more style pioneers than fashion mongers, more selective music collector than mass music consumer... Meet Rahad.

Rahad is a model, bartender, actor and screenwriter. Quintessential #Spiritbomb.

In Dragonball lore, the Spirit Bomb is a massive gathering of life force, refined into one concentrated ball of energy.

Much like the Spirit Bomb, the future Sum fan may be a refined soul that represents a host of different kinds of energies and tastes. They’re adults on the higher end of the 18-24 demographic, and cover the entire span of the 25-34 age group. Although concentrated primarily in Los Angles, then New York, they’re very likely to pop up in London and Paris once a little buzz builds, without having seen any live performances. Rahad is in his early 30s, lives in Los Angeles, but has strong ties to New York City and Philadelphia. He goes to see a live show about once a week, and is a big supporter of live music.

Spirit Bombs have a wide range of music and artistic tastes, but when it comes specifically to hip-hop they’re likely to listen to acts like Oddisee, Flying Lotus, Joey Bada$$, Overdoze. They love Southeast Asian, Latin, Brazilian, and African music, as well as alternative and indie rock just as much. You are just as likely to catch a Spirit Bomb at a Death Grips or Tom Waits show as you would find them at a Kendrick Lamar or Danny Brown show.

Spirit Bombs are often well traveled artists, educators, small business owners or community organizers with active lifestyles. Once they decide to follow an artist, they tend to want to get directly to the download upon release and save the conversation about the project for later. In many cases they're the influencer among their group of friends, so it's important for them to find things first.They're usually the ones convincing everyone to go to Bonnaroo, SXSW and Coachella. Although generally healthy, they love food trucks, microbreweries and may even consider themselves foodies. Many are shoe and record collectors.

  #Spiritbombs connect to funky, soulful music with rich content that is easy to digest. Because they already have massive music collections, they're not in a rush to adopt the flavor of the month, but once they become a fan of something, they're devout. Their connection to Sum will come through a shared desire to experience the soul-stirring as much as possible. That connection will spur this journey....

 [sum + the milky way] #spiritbombs #keepitmilky

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