Gray Scott

Futurist / Techno-Neuro-Philosopher



Future Mind-to-Machine Presentation

I believe in a future filled with positive technologies that will transform every human experience into a magical experience.

I believe that consciousness and technology will merge into a new form of human experience and that people and companies that prepare for the future are more likely to prosper.

I believe that my unique perspective and insight into the future will inspire change and positive innovation.

Future Trend Forcast 2030 and beyond: 

I believe that smart phones will be replace by 2030 with BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) devices and that this merger of mind and machine is inevitable.

Imagine a day filled with magic and wonder. Inspiration around every corner. Imagine a world filled with robots and machines that are controlled by the power of thought. A world that you control and influence with your mind! Cars driving and planes flying by just thinking. This is the future world of Brain-Machine Interface devices. it may sound like science fiction but the technology is here now. 

My intention is to create a presentation to educate the public about this amazing and dissruptive new market. 

I hope to create a short 5 minute video of ideas, information and knowledge surrounding this idea. This will be a new web series of videos featuring me and other experts talking about future technologies ideas and theories. 


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