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Future Lotus Consulting and Know My Device .com

I left my job as leader in a wireless company back in April to take my little startup Future Lotus out of the conceptual and into the tangible.   From the start I had two different focuses; techonology and sales development  for artists and mobile device knowledge and integration for businesses. The problem has been from the start of Future Lotus that I see ways of monetizing everything I am into and I wanted to grow it all at the same time.  

I know all the reasons why this organization model is not feasible as a startup.  While I believe that I can grow Future Lotus into to this, I needed to start small and focus for now.   

Then, an opportunity to have a focus came to me.  My former company was shedding most the direct customer  support aspects of thier company laying off hundreds of great people.  For them it meant being more competetive and cutting overhead.  For the customer it was the thing that made the company stand out from the competition.  This left a void in wireless industry:a place to learn how to use your device and optimize it delivered in a way thats easy to understand. 

This lead me to bring together some of my old coworkers and focus on creating that place for people to learn while having more tech consultants for businesses.  

Know My Device is a consumer product while Future Lotus Consulting carries out the B2B work.  


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