Fuse the Fox Cub

Fuse the Fox Cub - student project

I'm making some illustrations for a specific project and used this workshop to do so. My first attempt was a hedgehog which needs a lot of reworking. My second attempt was an adult fox which was a lot better:Fuse the Fox Cub - image 1 - student projectMy third attempt was this adorable little fox cub which I really love. I'm going to go back and rework the previous two, since I feel like I've learnt so much in the process that I can use to improve them.Fuse the Fox Cub - image 2 - student project

Using everything I learnt from the first fox cub I did two other poses, which I'm getting to be really happy with.Fuse the Fox Cub - image 3 - student projectFuse the Fox Cub - image 4 - student project