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Fury - @lwimann

I spent last weekend at Machu Picchu in Peru exploring and photographing. Currently I am studying abroad in Santiago, Chile so I've had a lot of chances to travel lately. On the airplane to Peru I watched the movie, Fury, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OGvZoIrXpg

This movie is the inspiration for this set and for my entire Peru set, which will hit my website, lucaswimanphoto.com, soon. This movie has a very dark, filmy, feel to it - which I really like. There is a lot of green, just like the jungle of Peru. I went with this feel for my photos because I love that feel to my photos, dark and mysterious, and I feel as though Machu Picchu is usually not captured in this way whatsoever. Let me know what you guys think! - Lucas Wiman


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